About Us

Feed My Sheep Today is a nonprofit faith based organization created to offer charitable humanitarian relief to foreign countries like India, Pakistan, Kenya as well as locally within the United States, to distribute bibles, supplies, clothing’s, water and food to orphan’s and widows to feed and to collaborate with other organization working to offer distress and health aids; Religious to provide worldwide evangelism to countries overseas.

To offer educational teaching of the word of faith to build a worship education centers and support mobile media teams to offer various programs, projects, and activities as warrant.



Mission & Vision

Feed My Sheep Today is a nonprofit organization that is committed to making a difference by offering charitable humanitarian relief in various countries throughout the world. We’re always looking to open in other countries as funds become more available! Our organization is helped by our many volunteers and contributors, without whom our efforts would not be possible.

As a non-profit faith based organization, providing distress relief and educational religious teachings to those we serve are our top priorities, things that both require resources. We are always looking for those in our communities that are interested in getting involved to assist us in furthering our mission to improve the lives of the widows and orphans that we serve through donations of water, food, supplies, and of course, religious teachings. This non-profit is donation driven. So when donations are low, the less we can do for those in need. So we greatly appreciate your support!

Feed My Sheep Today Bylaws

Make a Difference

Support the bible giving! Financial donations. Greatly appreciated!